System for lowering video surveillance systems

The system for lowering the video surveillance system includes a specially designed masthead providing optimal stability for the equipment, and also for its maintenance at ground level. It can be installed on concrete or steel masts, which are the only ones able to dampen vibrations caused by traffic or wind and thus ensure excellent image quality.

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  • Easy to operate with no need for third party assistance (no need for an electrician)
  • Fewer personnel needed, no qualifications required
  • Can be lowered at all times, even in high winds
  • No need for powered access platforms
  • Permanent power supply for functional testing at ground level


  • No need for personnel qualified for work at height
  • No requirements for the purchase and maintenance of personal protection equipment for work at height (provisions of the Swiss Accident Prevention Bureau (BPA), Accident Insurance Law (LAA))
  • Patented parachute braking system in the event of a break in the lifting cable.


  • Excellent image quality
  • Optimal stability for video or radar equipment (thanks to the system for lowering the equipment installed on concrete masts)
  • Can be installed on concrete or steel masts, or on building walls


  • Discreet and aesthetic appearance


Load (kg) 150
Height of mast up to (m) 30
Width of rail (mm) 72